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What to Wear: When Working A Wedding

Whether you are working professionally or helping out a friend, wardrobe is key when working a bride’s big day. At first, this may seem like a trivial issue; however, two hours into the venue set-up, you are seriously regretting wearing wedges. Occasions by M&K offers some tips and tricks to help you out.


1. It’s all about the footwear. 

Thinking about breaking in a new pair of ballerina flats? Wrong. What about kitten heels? You want to look good too? Nope! When working a wedding, you will be on your feet the entire day; your shoes need to be ready for that kind of wear. Before the day of, go through your closet and find a pair of tired and true comfortable flat shoes. Don’t go out before the ceremony to buy something new (unless you want some serious blisters.) We recommend broken in flats or Tom’s. Don’t aim for cuteness, but for comfort. Supportive tennis shoes will also get the job done.



2. We don’t want hair everywhere.

Again, this may seem trivial, but think about it: you’ll be running around the venue all day. When getting ready in the morning, think about what your hair can handle. Will you bangs be bothering you and will your curls deflate into a frizzy mess? Often, our team pins their hair out of their face with bobby pins. The half up/ half down hair style is adorable, yet practical when passing out plates of food or packing up for the night.



3. Jewelry: Less is More

Ordinarily, we love a strong statement necklace or a stack of rings; however, wedding planning call for running around, not walking down the catwalk. Keep the jewelry to a minimum. A delicate necklace or earring is acceptable, but keep in mind how much moving around is in store when browsing through your jewelry box.



4. And now for the most important tip: clothing

When dressing to work a wedding, keep in mind the venue. Will you be working inside at a church or will you be outside at the family farm? If indoors, a knee-length skirt or dress is appropriate. Make sure you can comfortably move in the material. If the wedding is taking place outdoors, long pants will protect against bug bites or sunburn. At Occasions by M&K, we pair black slacks with a black top. The goal is to look unified, clean, and professional. Further, we all wear matching “red coats” to stand out from the wedding guests. This makes us easy to spot if a guest has a question or concern. Keep in mind that working a wedding is hard work; however, you will feel pretty amazing wearing the Occasions by M&K jacket.

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Have you ever worked a wedding? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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