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What To Do With Wedding Gifts You’ll Never Use

Along with the endless amounts of kitchen supplies, Our First Christmas ornaments, and *hint, hint* baby supplies, you and your new husband will also receive some gifts that make you both say: “When will be ever use this?”. While it is always the thought that counts, some gifts may find themselves in the GoodWill pile. Here are some OMK tips on what to do with those wedding gifts you may never use.

Check for gift receipts. 

While opening gifts, make sure to note if the guest included a receipt. If so, return or exchange the fuzzy onesie pjs from your eccentric aunt gave you for something a little more practical.

Ask a friend. 

Remember to take note of who gave you what to avoid re-gifting embarrassment; yet, re-gifting to a close friend will give home to an item you are unable to use.

Donate to local shelters or other organizations. 

Research what your local homeless shelters are asking for in donations and see if any of your gifts fit the bill. You’ll feel great knowing these items are going to a good cause.

Pack away in storage. 

Yes, tubs of storage does take us space, but you never know when you will need an apron or a pasta maker. Keeping some gifts around will keep you from spending more money later.


Remember whatever the gift to send all of your guests a Thank You!


For more wedding tips and tricks, check out: https://www.pinterest.com/occasionsmk/


Love, #OccasionsByMKInterns | Occasions by M&K LLC