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Trendy or Timeless

Trendy or Timeless | A Look at Our Favorite Wedding Styles | Occasions By M&K

It can be hard to know when planning your wedding whether a look is trendy or timeless. For some staying up with current trends in style and decor is of the utmost importance–for others, they want a wedding that could fit into any era and guest list. Neither style choice is wrong! We love both looks–each creates very different atmospheres for your wedding.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite trendy wedding decisions:

Ombre Anything

Trendy or Timeless

~ Some brides are stepping away from having all of the bridesmaids wear matching dresses. This trendy look helps to create a whimsical and stylish look! To help create the ombre effect, choose your color palette and provide your bridesmaids the color swatches to match! You could even tie in those colors to your wedding bouquet!

Trendy or Timeless 2 Trendy or Timelesstrendy or timeless

All that Glitters, isn’t always Gold

trendy or timeless 5

~ Metallics are in. Way in. From gold to silver, bronze to copper, and all of the shades of rose gold in between adding a metallic to your color scheme would not be amiss. We love the understated look of a copper lantern and candlesticks. We also love the commitment to the color with the place setting. If you’re feeling adventurous, the colorful (and sparkly) tablecloths for a head table, sweetheart table, cake table, etc. would make a perfect addition!

Trendy or Timeless 5 Trendy or Timeless 6 Trendy or Timeless 4

 Burlap and Lace, Gunpowder and Lead

Trendy or Timeless 9

~ Burlap and lace has been a huge trend for a few years and looks like it will continue to trend well into next year. Burlap and lace help to create a country, rustic chic look and can help you bring together your wedding look. Use it sparingly, however, because as with any accent there is such a thing as too much. We love the idea of lace runners and burlap accents!

Trendy or Timeless 8 Trendy or Timeless 7trendy or timeless 4

Cakes, Cupcakes, and More Cupcakes

trendy or timeless 2

~ Don’t feel limited by the traditional white floral covered cake. If you want to add some color to your cake–go for it! We love this golden cake with the pink floral accents cascading down. It can help tie together your theme and color scheme! We are also loving the cupcake idea, having a small cake for the bride and groom to cut and individual cupcakes for the guests is such a great idea! Cupcakes help you please a wide range of people, especially if you have different flavors. There are also many different display options to look at!

Trendy or Timeless 10 Trendy or Timeless 11 Trendy or Timeless 12


Here are some of our favorite timeless looks:


For the Girls

Trendy or Timeless 15

~ Our favorite timeless bridesmaid look, features the same dress style and same color on all of the bridesmaids. Solid colors in rich tones rather than patterns, ombre, or subdued colors. (Pastels can still be timeless 🙂 !)

Trendy or Timeless 14 Trendy or Timeless 13trendy or timeless 11

Setting the Scene

Trendy or Timeless 18

~ Table settings are tricky whether you are trying to go for trendy, timeless or have an office party later in the week. Our main idea when we were looking at ideas was the “simpler the better!” We love the look of a simple runner and the place settings with the menu tied with the napkin! If you have smaller, round tables, we love the simple hydrangeas placed on the tables. Don’t go overboard on centerpieces or flowers–keep the conversation the main point of focus

Trendy or Timeless 17 Trendy or Timeless 16trendy or timeless 3

Center of Attention

trendy or timeless 10

~ Once you have your table settings, it’s time to think about centerpieces. Like the settings, going overboard would be the opposite of timeless. Here are a few of our favorite timeless looks. They are classy and understated, helping to extend the atmosphere you want to create. Candles and flower arrangements definitely help to achieve this! (Lanterns are in right now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t timeless!)

Trendy or Timeless 19 Trendy or Timeless 21 Trendy or Timeless 22

Let them Eat Cake

trendy or timeless 9

~ A wedding cake is the perfect place to continue the timelessness and elegance of the wedding! A white cake is definitely the way to go, but just because it’s white doesn’t mean that there can’t be texture! Textured wedding cakes help to make a statement and add some interest to a white cake. Some flowers as a topper would help to extend the decor to all aspects. If your dress has an interesting lace pattern or unique beading, bring in an image to your bakery and ask them to recreate it for a beautiful addition!

Trendy or Timeless 25 Trendy or Timeless 24 Trendy or Timeless 23


Whether you favor a timeless or trendy design, with the right eye and design plan your wedding is sure to stand out as an event to remember!

Let us know in the comments which side of the spectrum you fall on (or if you’re in between like us)!

Love, #OccasionsByMKInterns | Occasions by M&K LLC