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Thoughts We All Have When Receiving A Wedding Invite

Bills, Us Weekly, garbage. You flip through your mail and sort the paper into various piles. But wait…you come across a thick, ivory envelope. Without even breaking the letter’s seal, you know what this is. The golden, italic font with your name taunts you to open it. Great, you think to yourself, here we go again. 

1. Shock

Wait…Hannah is actually going to marry Bill? Have they really been together that long?


2. Pain

Always a bridesmaid…


3. Anger

I have to go on another diet!?


4. Reflection and Loneliness

Can I bring my dog as a Plus One? Are pets allowed at this wedding? What about yoga pants, can I wear those?


5. An Upward Turn

…but there will be cake there…


6. Working Through

Repeat After ME: I will RSVP yes to this wedding. It will be amazing. I will have the greatest night ever.


7. Acceptance and Hope

Okay, who am I kidding? I actually love weddings. That moment when the bride finally walks down the aisle and takes everyone’s breath…pure magic. And single groomsmen, I’m in!



What are your thoughts when receiving a wedding invitation? Tell us in the comments below

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