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The “Perfect” Day


*listen to Perfect Day while reading about Perfect Days*

The term is thrown around so often when planning a wedding, it may soon loose it’s meaning. Yet, where did this term come from and what does it mean? For some, a wedding day is the most magical day of their life. From the perfect dress to the perfect groom, a woman’s wedding day has enormously high expectations from the start. Does this mean that the “perfect” day is unachievable? Of course not!

First, start planning out your wedding early, giving yourself enough time to find out what you like/dislike and what your ideal wedding would be. Second, construct a strict budget and work your exceptions around your limitations. Third, enlist the help of those around you and an experienced wedding planner. Communicate your vision of what perfect mean to you and allow other to help you achieve that. Lastly, manage your expectations. This is both the most simple, yet challenging, task of planning a wedding but it is crucial. Yes, it may rain on your wedding day. Your bridesmaids may show up late and your firework send-off may look more like a child’s sparkler. Remember, your wedding is just one perfect day in your marriage. Strive to make each year of your union just as perfect.


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