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Strobing: 2015’s Newest Make-Up Trend

9f2462740107b6261b37665a3b3ec21dHighlighting and contouring has taken over the make-up scene for 2014 and the majority of 2015. From Kim K to Beyonce, celebs have been seen with a deep contour and glowing cheekbones. This summer, a new trend has emerged: strobing. Essentially, this is simply highlighting and skipping the counting step. Think: re-creating the sun’s natural glow on the high points of your face (nose, middle of forehead, cheekbones, and middle of chin). To strobe (is that a verb?) your own face, all you will need is a highlighter (liquid or powder will work) as well as a brush or blender for application. Youtube beauty tutorials are the best way to have a make-up expert talk you through this look:




Tell us what you think of strobing in the comments below! Will you be trying out this look to look like a glowing angel or think that all this shine will make your skin too oily?


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