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Should You Bring You Kids To A Wedding?

Did the invitation specifically say yes or no to children?

If so, then follow the bride’s wishes. Just think: if this was your wedding, you would want the same respect. If the invitation does not specify, reach out to the bride and then follow what she says.

Is the bride/groom a member of your family?


If so, then children may enjoy seeing their older cousin or uncle marry. If the bride/groom is a close family or work friend, then perhaps find a babysitter and bring your spouse instead.

Where is the wedding?

Is the wedding at a church or on a beach? Will your child have to sit through a long religious ceremony or will the vows be quick or simple? Reach out to the bride or a close friend or family member of hers. They will fill you in on the specifics of the ceremony and you can decide if your child will be able to sit through the “I Do.”

Are your children able to sit through a ceremony and reception?


Let’s face it, most weddings are geared towards an adult audience. Who could blame a two year old for getting fussy when hungry? If you know your children will not be patient enough to sit through the service or will fall asleep in the middle of the reception, think about making other arrangements for them. Perhaps, they could skip the ceremony and come to the wedding for dancing and desserts. Maybe only bring your children to the ceremony. Ask other wedding guests with children what their plans are, and perhaps, you could coordinate all children hang out together during the wedding.

Can you afford to pay a babysitter to watch your children? 

Babysitters aren’t cheap! Think: $10 per hour for at least five hours. The dollar signs start to add up. Again, coordinate with other wedding guests. Maybe a guest’s spouse is staying home with their children and does not mind if your child spends the night. Be sure to make these plans weeks in advance to have a set arrangement the day of the wedding.

Will there be child-friendly activities to do at the wedding? 


Will the bride plan for young guests to be in attendance and make special accommodations? If so, then she is expecting to have children present, and therefore, is going out of her way to entertain them. When asking the bride about her wedding, be sure to ask about the wedding activities for children, such as a coloring station, play areas, or food and desserts just of kids.

Overall, you know your children best. 

Be the judge of what they can and cannot handle. Plan in advance and work together with other parents to make the wedding enjoyable for both you and your children. Above all, make sure to follow all of the bride’s instructions regarding the littlest weddings guests.

Intern Interjection:

“I think it depends on the wedding. If it is a close friend or family member, then sure, bring the kids! But if it is a friend, then maybe find a babysitter.” Kayleigh, Occasions by M&K Intern

“First, make sure the bride hasn’t already set a policy on children attending her wedding. Then, think about how long of a day it will be and if your children would have fun or be miserable at the wedding. If your children would be bored out of their minds, then maybe find a babysitter for the night.” Nicole, Occasions by M&K Intern


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