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Please Be Seated: Types of Wedding Seating Styles



With so much to plan, the table arrangement of the reception may be overlooked. Don’t feel pressured to stick to one style or stay with the style of the venue. Ask the venue’s coordinator if changing the seating style is possible and ask your wedding planner for tips and tricks about the variations of reception seating.


Round Table: 


A wedding classic. The round table creates an intimate atmosphere which showcases table centerpieces while allowing guests to easy talk amongst the table. Yet, the round table may block off the mingling of guests within the entire venue. Make sure to coordinate with your planner to arrange the tables to maximize space in your venue to guarantee dancing all night long.




The long style of seating mixes and mingles guests, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The un-traditional seating  is perfect for a smaller venue; however, make sure to confirm all guest’s attendance, for a hole in this seating may be awkward and can throw off the aseptically pleasing qualities of the table. Talking with guests on the other side of the venue may be tough, so make sure your guests are able to socialize before and after the meal.


Square Table:


A spin-off of the round table which allows for a maximization of venue space. This style of table may not be custom in your venue, so check with the venue coordinator in advance to begin planning your seating chart. As does the round table, this style of seating allows for an intimate experience and permits conversation to exchange naturally.


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