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Let’s Drink to That: More Do’s and Don’t of Giving a Wedding Toast

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Do Bring Your Glass

Not only does your glass act as a signal to end the toast, but it gives your other hand something to do when holding the mic. Place your notecards underneath your glass so you remember to take them both when you go to give your toast.

Don’t Make it a Roast 

Remember to keep it light. While harsh jokes may be your signature style, other wedding guests may not enjoy that sense of humor. Keep the roast for the bachelorette  party.

Do Write Down Notes 

Even if you memorized your speech, notes will help keep you on track when speaking to a large crowd. Bull-lit points will ensure your speech goes off seamlessly.

Don’t Steal the Show 

Remember that this big day isn’t yours- while you are important to the bridal party, the party is someone else’s. Tell stories about your time with the bride and groom but remember to make them the center of attention.

Do Practice the Night Before 

While it may be easy to be swept up in the wedding celebrations, make sure to carve out time before the reception to reverse your speech once or twice.

Don’t Forget to Smile 

While hundreds of eyes staring at you, your nerves may want you to power through your lines; however, make sure to slowly go through your speech and stop to smile at the married couple.

Do Consult with Other Guests Beforehand 

Having writer’s block? Meet up with other members of the bridal party and go over funny memories and qualities you love about the soon-to-be married couple. This brainstorming will help you pick out the content to include in your toast.


Here are some more examples of our favorite toasts: 





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