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Intern Interjections: Sunglass Edition

Should you wear sunglasses during the wedding ceremony?


Unless the bride specifically approves sunnies, I would say leave them at home. The photos will be more elegant and the bride and groom will be able to look back at their guests face’s rather than their aviators.

Nicole, Occasions By M&K Intern


Feel free to pull the sunglasses out for a fun picture with the wedding party! During the ceremony though, I’d leave them elsewhere. You want to be able to see faces when looking through photos of the big day–having to try and look through sunglasses makes that difficult!

Kayleigh, Occasions By M&K Intern


Should guests and members of the wedding party be able to wear sunglasses during the reception?

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Love, #OccasionsByMKInterns | Occasions by M&K LLC