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Intern Interjection: What I’ve Learned in College (So Far)

Here are some things I know for sure:

1. Your body needs sleep.

Sounds simple right? Well, when the deadlines start piling up in your planner, a seemingly easy solution is to skip sleep; however, you’ll end up paying for it when you crash at 2pm the next day.

2. It’s okay to not know.

Not know how to begin a thesis paper. Not know what to do without your roommate for the night. Not know where you’ll end up after these four years. *inhale* *exhale* It’s okay. At some point, even Beyonce was uncertain about her future and look how it turned out for her.

3. Yes, you need that 3am cheesy bread.

It’s been scientifically proven that grease injected bread tastes 100% better after midnight. Instead of depriving yourself, indulge with your roommates. You deserve it.

4. There are some things you will never be great at. And you will survive.

Nope, I can’t figure about algebraic equations and barely passed freshman level math. Sure, studying for that final way beyond stressful, but I learned that I can’t be great at everything. Or even most things. But instead of fixating on what I couldn’t do, I put my energy towards what I was good at to make myself even better.

5. Your friends are your home away from home.

And your support system. And your extra closets. And the people your share that 3 am cheesy bread with. Super cliche but the friendships I formed in college are the ones I will be carrying with me throughout the rest of my life.


Here are some things I still can’t figure out:

1. How some girls look super cute at Sunday brunch while I look like Britney Spears circa 2007.

Seriously, you need to be wearing jeans at 9am on a Sunday morning? No thank you!

2. How I am going to survive the “real world” without constantly calling my mom. 

But how will I figure out what shoes to wear for an interview or what to do when my shower keeps leaking? Google can only take a girl so far, and sometimes, you just need your mom’s advice.

3. How to change a tire

Or oil or anything related to car maintenance. Isn’t that what Jiffy Lube is for?

Here are some things I’ve learned being an Intern: 

1. It pays to be early.

Professionalism comes in all shapes and sizes, and you know what isn’t acceptable in an office…coming in late! Start the day off on a strong note and come to the office ten minutes early to settle in and start the day’s tasks.

2. What business casual actually means

Nope, not your ripped jeans you wore to a concert. Not even you favorite worn tee. Although business causal is more relaxed than dress skirts and blazers, it is important to remember that you are still going to work, not having out in the library.


3. How to talk on the phone (professionally!)

Uhh…hi…Is Mr. Smith there….Nope, that won’t cut it. Yes, my generation is known for texting rather than calling; however, a text message is rarely used to conduct business. For us interns, our boss wrote out a script we follow when speaking to clients on the phone. This ensure that we deliver all of the necessary information to the client while remaining calm and composed.


4. How to do inventory

As Occasions by M&K Interns, inventory is our specialty. From ribbon to decorative flowers, we have done it all and have developed the perfect system to make inventory efficient but fun.


5. Excel!  

Microsoft, I mean ( but I’ve learned how to succeed to). Before working with Occasions, I have little experience working with the program; however, after just a few weeks of working, I actually understand the spreadsheets (for the most part).

Nicole is an Occasions by M&K Intern and a rising senior at James Madison University. She is an English major with a Creative Writing Minor and enjoys Netflix marathons, Ryan Gosling, and writing about herself in the third person.