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How to make the most of your time at a Bridal Show

No one ever wants to waste time, especially when planning a wedding.   A great resource readily available to newly engaged couples and their families are Bridal Shows.    Making the best use of your time while at bridal show can save you hours of time during the planning process.


Weddings, just the word makes us happy!  Planning, managing and overseeing all of the detail on wedding day….. are our specialties.  And we are certainly no strangers to bridal shows.   Over the years we have collected what some would describe as “a ridiculous amount”  of tips and truths about bridal shows.   We’d like to share a few that will  help you to navigate the upcoming bridal shows.  


Bridal shows bring multiple choices of every vendor a bride could wish for. This can be overwhelming, and distracting but also time saving,  if you have a plan!


Here are our top tips to help make the most of your visit to any bridal show.


  1. Have a plan. Decide what vendors you need to help move your wedding planning forward.  A quick check of the event website will provide details on where those vendors will be stationed, as well as what other vendors are participating.  Visit all of them.
  2. Dress comfortably. Wear your favorite sneakers, and remember it will get warm in there!
  3. Arrive early. Beat the crowds and get quality time with the vendors you’ve chosen to visit while you have them to yourself.  
  4. Make a day of it. Plan to spend a minimum of 4 or 5 hours in order to see all the exhibits. Take your time.
  5. Schedule free consultations.  Book as many consultations as you can while at the bridal show.  Great vendors book quickly and nearly all vendors have a limit on the amount of business they can service in a day.  You don’t have to choose vendors at the show, take the time to get to know them in a 1 on 1 meeting
  6. Use your camera! Take pictures of new inspiring, decor and designs. Snap pictures of the vendors you liked the most
  7. Save time.  Bring your own address labels to use on entry forms so you don’t spend all day writing….spend the day asking questions and booking appointments.
  8. Visit your favorite vendors  twice or three times.  Think of more questions, need clarification on a detail, or simply want to check out their display again…do it.   


And last but not least,  follow vendors you’re interested in on social media. You can see them in action and get feedback from current clients.


Don’t hesitate to attend multiple bridal shows in your area.  Vendors will create new displays for each show and who knows,  they may help inspire your wedding vision.  

But enjoy yourself!   Take in the possibilities, be inspired and get excited.


We love to help our brides through the bridal show process so they can be certain they have chosen the best vendors for their big day. Check back soon for more tips for your big day from our team.