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How To Include Your Brother in Your Wedding

A wedding can oftentimes seem as a female-only event. While the groom may be vital to the ceremony, we all know the bride runs the show. With the mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids, and the bride herself, including other male family members may be a difficult task. Here are some OMK tips on how to make your brother(s) feel included  in the ceremony and reception.

brother 3


Give him special duties

From ushering in guests to giving a welcoming speech, assigning your brother a task will keep him interested and attentive during the ceremony and reception.

Add him to the bridal party 

Talk to the groom and make sure your brother fits well within the bridal party. This way, he is just as important as the groomsmen and is included in all bachelor festivities.


Make hime the DJ 

For a wedding on a budget, your brother can fill in as the night’s DJ. If you decide to hire a company, perhaps he can make the playlist (with your approval of course).

brother one

Make sure to take a siblings pic

With the chaos that is a wedding day, taking picture with everyone may seem hectic; however, tell your photographer beforehand that you would like to take photos with each of your siblings to commemorate the day.

And of course, a toast

A M.O.H. speech may be more common, you may want to change up tradition and ask siblings to speak also. Ask your brother with months in advance to give him time to prep something equally funny and heartfelt.


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