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How to Give a Great Wedding Speech


One of the toughest duties of being a Best Man or Maid of Honor is the reception speech. Don’t break into a sweat just yet. Here are some quick tips and examples to make your speech shine.

Best Man Speech:

Maid of Honor Speech:

Don’t be afraid to be funny. Since ceremonies are typically serious, speeches are a perfect way to lighten to mood. Throw in some childhood memories and silly moments shared to have to crowd chuckle.

Do be sentimental. Try to have to speech balance in awe moments and laughter. Let the bride and groom know how much you care.

Don’t tell too much. Some embarrassing moment are best left between the bridal party. Make sure the speech is grandparent appropriate.

Do address both the bride and groom. Try to welcome in your new brother or sister in law with a touching speech.

With these tips and examples, your speech with be one of the evening’s highlights.

Love, #OccasionsByMKInterns | Occasions by M&K LLC