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Honoring Family Members

Honoring Family Members | How to Incorporate Family Who Can't Be There Into Your Wedding | Occasions by M&K

While weddings can be a great opportunity to reunite with family, the event can often strike a sullen note when certain family members are unable to attend. Perhaps family is unable to travel or have passed away; however, these family members or close friends can still be incorporated into the reception and ceremony.

DIY Family Tree
Here is an inexpensive way to showcase family portraits. This is perfect for an outdoor venue but can be altered to fit any location.
honoring family members one

Wedding Programs
The programs provides a place to write memories about family members without creating another project to be completed by the wedding day.
honoring family members

A Burning Candle
A lit candle allows guests to pay tribute to those unable to attend the ceremony.
honoring family members three

Here are some more examples:


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What are some of your ideas for honoring family members? Let us know!

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