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Going Green: Including Vegan/Vegetarian Options into Your Wedding Menu

Make sure to take count of how many vegan/ vegetarian meal options are being requested. 

On the wedding invitation, ask how many meals and have your guest check which meal option they would like. Ask your wedding planner for help keeping track of the meal plan and give yourself enough time with the RSVP’s to work with the venue’s chef in creating a sufficient number of vegan/veg meals.

Coordinate with your wedding planner and venue representative to work out a plan on how to serve your guests accordingly. 

Ask your planner how meals are customarily distributed and work with the venue’s staff on serving guests. Perhaps make a note on the back of the guest’s seating card as to which meal option they should receive.

Work with the venue’s chef on creating delicious veggie-friendly options. 

Months before the wedding, sit down with the chef to plan out meal options. This may involve a tasting, so be sure to let the chef know you would like to sample the vegan options as well.

Surf the web for inspiration. 

Here at Occasions by M&K, we are obsessed with Pinterest because it is home to countless delicious recipes. If you are struggling on coming up with a veggie option, take to the web to finds some tips.


Here are some recipes that we found: 










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