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Final Destination: Wedding

source: http://www.kristendukephotography.com/20-fun-and-creative-beach-photography-ideas/

Wind gently blowing your curls. Sand in your freshly pedicured toes. Saying “I Do” while the sun sets over the ocean. A destination wedding can jump start the honeymoon while including close friends and family. Further, this wedding can spark an adventurous spirit to continue in years to come. Yet, destination weddings do have some downfalls. When thinking about planning a destination wedding, here are some pro’s and con’s.

Pro: Priceless wedding photos


Just think about it: candid bridal party picture playing in the sand or overlooking the mountains. These photographs will remind you of the day for years to come.

Con: Cha-Ching Challenges 

Destination wedding pose more cost than a traditional church wedding. Consider this when planning for a reception, ceremony, and honeymoon.

Pro: The Experience of a Lifetime 

Although the tan for your beach wedding may fade, the memories of dancing under the stars with your new spouse never will.

Con: Travel


Some guests with children, demanding careers, or age limitations may not be able to attend the ceremony due to distance from the wedding destination. Keep this in mind before booking the venue.

Overall, destination weddings are a fun way to break tradition and travel the world. Here are some of the most popular destination wedding locations:



Aspen, Colorado

source: http://www.robinproctorphotography.com/weddings/kama-mike-aspen-colorado/

Las Vegas, Nevada


Cayman Islands 



source: http://www.nylaphoto.com/negril-jamaica-wedding/

The Bahamas 


Los Cabos 

source: http://www.estherbernalphotography.com/#!/portfolio/featured-weddings/dharamasi-wedding/2

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