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Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Wedding Guest


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The big day is finally here. You purchased you dress, taken time off of work, and drove into town. Yet, some questions are still up in the air. How early do I get to the ceremony site? Do I have to bring a gift? Wait…Is it okay that I brought a date? To avoid any awkward situations on your friend’s wedding day, here are some Occasions By M&K tips on how to be the best wedding guest.

Do: Arrive Early to the Ceremony Site.


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Nothing is worse that missing that magical moment when the groom gazes at the bride for the first time. The week of the wedding, map out how long it will take to drive to the site and don’t forget to factor in traffic according to the area. Most weddings will have music, a d’oeuvres, or drinks for early guests to entertain them while they wait. Just remember, better early than sorry.

Don’t: Be Too Loud


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This should go without saying but keep it quiet during the vows. Silence all cell phones (and children) to make sure that all wedding guests can enjoy the service.

Do: Check with the Bride or Groom about Bringing a Guest


Unwanted weddings guests do not a happy bride make. After receiving an invitation, ask the bride or groom if guests are alright. If either one says no, then their word is law. Remember, the bride has more than likely slaved over a seating chart and those things are not simple.

Don’t: Re-Gift Your Aunt’s Homemade Oven Mitt


Many wedding guests think that a wedding gift has to break the bank- Wrong! A wedding gift should be personal and thoughtful; however, rummaging through your kitchen to find a suitable gift is neither of the two. If available, look at the gift registry and keep in mind, cash and checks are always appreciated by the happy couple.

Do: Socialize


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Weddings are a perfect opportunity to get to know a close friends family and acquaintances. Work the room by introducing yourself or dancing with the mother-of-the-groom to the Cha-Cha Slide.

Don’t: Drink Too Much


Yes, open bars can be tempting but no one likes a drunk wedding guest (especially the bride). Try to limit your cocktails in order to remember the beautiful night. If partying is really your thing, more than likely the groomsmen will be bar hopping latter- save the heavy drinking for then.

Do: Try to Stay Until the Send Off


It’s understandable if you want to dip out early to beat the wedding traffic; however, try to hold off until the couple leaves. Not only is the send off a highlight of the night, but the couple planned for all of their guest to witness their exist.

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