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Do You Go to the Destination Wedding?


How much time will you have to take off work? If the event only requires one or two days, perhaps your boss will be accommodating and let you take off early Friday to get on the road. Consider how many vacation days you have left before sending back the RSVP.


Will you have to drive across the state? Or will have have to fly over the ocean? Distance can be a determining factor when attending a destination wedding. Plan out the route before saying yes. If it is do-able, then start making travel plans. If the distance is longer that expected and you are unable to leave your work or family for long, perhaps think about sending a gift in your place.


How much will travel cost? After looking over your personal, yearly budget, decide for yourself if you can cover travel, gas, food, and a hotel. Perhaps rearrange your vacation budget to attend the wedding.


Will the bride be covering hotel costs or will you have to pay? After finding out this information, look for deals as soon as possible to score an inexpensive hotel. To cut costs further, perhaps ask other wedding guests to share a hotel room.


Other Points to Consider

How close are you to the bride and/or groom?

Will you know any other wedding guests?

Can you bring a date?

Are you in the wedding party?

After looking at all of these factors, you should be able to determine if the destination wedding is feasible. Now, the next thing to consider…Do you bring a gift?

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