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DIY July: Antropologie Jars

DIY July: Anthopologie Jars | Occasions by M&K LLC

Anthropologie is the cutest store which sells clothes, shoes, and home goods; however, the price tags are a little high for a college girl (like the Occasions Interns). We decided to take to Pinterest to find an inexpensive alternative to their paint splattered jars and came across a seemingly do-able version.




Here is our attempt at re-creating this DIY:

First we gathered our supplies, which consisted of simply a glass jar, acrylic paint, and a can of clear acrylic matte coating to seal the paint. To save some money, we chose to stop by the Dollar Store to pick out our glass ware and surprisingly, they had a large selection of good-quality glass jars.


We decided to go for a summer colors and used pallets of pink and green and variations of blue hues.



Just like Kayleigh, start making small dots on the bottom of the jar using your first color. Make sure to leave room for your other colors. After you are satisfied with the number of circles, you can start expanding the circles down the sides of the jar if you choose.



After you have used all your colors, set your glass jar to dry for about 24 hours before sealing in the paints with the clear acrylic matte coating. Be sure to spray this outside to avoid a mess. After spraying, wait another 24 hours before putting your jar to use.

Because Pinterest makes every craft look easy, we decided to rate each DIY on a scale of how simple each craft truthfully is. ( 5 is the highest, 1 is the lowest)

Easiness: 5 out of 5 stars

Time: 2.5 out of 5 stars

These jars were rather time consuming, especially if you wanted to make several to use a table center pieces. We suggest recruiting a friend to help if you need to make more than five. Note, it would be rather difficult to make ever jar uniform, so be sure to embrace each jar’s unique features.

Looks Like the Pin: 4.5 out of 5

Overall, these Antropologie jars were an easy DIY that were inexpensive. We can’t wait to decorate the office with these colorful jars just in time for summer.


For more DIY’s, stop by our Pinterest page at https://www.pinterest.com/occasionsmk/

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