Are Arranged Marriages the Way of the Future?

2015 welcomed in a new type of reality show, which focused on finding love and a happy ending; yet, one major element set these shows apart from The Bachelor and The Millionaire Matchmaker: these t.v. marriages are arranged. That’s right, on “Married at First Sight” on FYI, hopeful singles sign up to be matched with […]

The “Perfect” Day *listen to Perfect Day while reading about Perfect Days* The term is thrown around so often when planning a wedding, it may soon loose it’s meaning. Yet, where did this term come from and what does it mean? For some, a wedding day is the most magical day of their life. From the perfect […]

Bridal Show Buzz: How to Stand Out at a Bridal Show Expo

Bridal shows are an amazing opportunity to meet potential clients face-to-face, network with other vendors, and brush up on your sales pitch. Yet, setting up for a bridal show can be stressful due to the sheer number of other vendors present. Often, OMK reinvents our bridal show display, including interactive elements to engage brides. One […]

Welcome One and All: What to Put in a Guest’s Welcome Bag

Wedding garner traveling quite the distance to be in attendance. Want to say thank you to your guests for sharing in the experience of your wedding. A welcome bag waiting for them at their hotel is a simple gesture which shows just how much you and your fiancee appreciate their presence. Need some tips for what to […]

Going (Cardio) Barre

  The latest fitness craze splashed onto health scene and combines fat-burning cardio with the dance and grace of ballet. Cardio barre   helps sculpt and tone muscles, the perfect combination for slimming down a wedding dress fitting. Check out this video to see the results.   Would you try cardio barre? Let us know in […]

What You Should Know About Your Partner Before Getting Engaged

Brides magazine recently published the article, 5 Things You Need To Know About Your Partner Before Getting Engaged. Read the article with the OMK team: Thoughts on children Similar Values Financial Status Sexual Compatibility Level of Commitment to Work Do you agree with this list? What what you add? Let us know in the comments […]

Red Carpet Style Down the Aisle

  Typically, a wedding is an event with certain traditions attached to it, especially in appeal; however, traditions are supposed to be broken, right? Here at OMK, we love combining something old with the contemporary styles emulated by celebrities, most often on the red carpet. Interested in how to incorporate red carpet  style in your […]

Going Green: Including Vegan/Vegetarian Options into Your Wedding Menu

Make sure to take count of how many vegan/ vegetarian meal options are being requested.  On the wedding invitation, ask how many meals and have your guest check which meal option they would like. Ask your wedding planner for help keeping track of the meal plan and give yourself enough time with the RSVP’s to […]

What To Do With Wedding Gifts You’ll Never Use

Along with the endless amounts of kitchen supplies, Our First Christmas ornaments, and *hint, hint* baby supplies, you and your new husband will also receive some gifts that make you both say: “When will be ever use this?”. While it is always the thought that counts, some gifts may find themselves in the GoodWill pile. Here […]