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Are Arranged Marriages the Way of the Future?

2015 welcomed in a new type of reality show, which focused on finding love and a happy ending; yet, one major element set these shows apart from The Bachelor and The Millionaire Matchmaker: these t.v. marriages are arranged. That’s right, on “Married at First Sight” on FYI, hopeful singles sign up to be matched with a complete stranger based on various tests psychologists give them. Further, the couples act as would any newly-wed pair: wedding, honeymoon, and moving in all follow their introduction. At the shows conclusion, the couples meet with the experts which matched them to discuss if they would like to continue on as a married couple or end the marriage with a divorce. Pretty serious stakes when thinking about the legality involved in terminating a marriage.


“Married At First Sight” is not the only show of its kind. “Arranged,” also on FYI, allows a similar premise; yet, this show does not insert experts to match the couples, but follow real life couples undergoing a modern day arranged marriage. While these singles may have met or spoken to their potential parterres before, dating and traditional courting before engagement is simply skipped. Are arranged marriages the way of the future? Is modern day conventions such as social media deterring singles from finding the perfect match? Much controversy follows both shows, but every week, millions tune in to see if the how the marriages will turn out.



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