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An Intern’s Wedding Rewind: Timeline of the Chichester Wedding

On Memorial Day Weekend, we experienced our second wedding with Occasions by M&K! We knew a little of what to anticipate, but as each wedding is unique, we were still unsure what to expect.

“While this was not the first wedding I worked with M&K, I was still a little nervous. Growing up, a girl is told that her wedding day is one of the biggest events of her life and I didn’t want to mess up someone’s special day; however, all of the wedding planners were so welcoming and kind that I felt comfortable right away and jumped in to help make the day go smoothly.” Nicole, Occasions by M&K Intern

“Weddings are nerve wracking. It’s someone’s big day–they’ve been planning it for weeks to years. Working with Michelle, Kris and the rest of the Occasions team is always a blast though because they know exactly what needs to be done! This atmosphere leads to a great event and I can’t wait to work more weddings with them!” Kayleigh, Occasions by M&K Intern


Setting Up and the Rehearsal Dinner

Setting up for the wedding was a three day process which began on Thursday, in the rain. We arrived at the Chichester farm and saw the beautiful tent for the reception go up. Church pews, chairs, and farm tables were also delivered on Thursday.  Since it was raining, there wasn’t a whole lot we could do, so we went back to the Office and packed for the wedding!

On Friday, we arrived bright and early and began the process of setting up! (Thankfully, the rain had stopped and the wedding forecast was B-E-A-Utiful!) We started by moving and adjusting the church pews (and supervising, because those things were heavy!)After the pews and chairs were set up it was nearly time to start the rehearsal. Who would have thought that setting up chairs and adjusting church pews would have taken a few hours? Before the rehearsal started, we worked on a few last minute DIY’s for the Bride! She had a beautiful display to honor family members who had passed away, as well as vinyl names to put on hangers and menus to put on wine bottles. With all of that finished, it was time to start the rehearsal.

As with all rehearsals, it was a little hectic. It was time for the Bride and family to take a deep breath and turn over the reigns to Michelle and the Occasions staff. They practiced walking down the aisle, their pacing and spacing, and what was going to happen during the ceremony. With the end of the rehearsal, the Bride, Groom and family had the opportunity to ask all of their last minute questions before heading over the the Groom’s mother’s home for dinner.

When the bridal party and family left, the Occasions staff was still around working on setting up what we could. We assembled the wooden pergola where the Bride and Groom’s sweetheart table would be during the reception, as well as adjusted the farm tables, and a set of doors which would lead to the ceremony site. After that, it was time to go home and get a good night’s rest before we were expected at the Office to head over to the Chichester farm for the wedding.

The Wedding Day: Before I Do 

On Saturday, the Occasions Staff returned to the farm bright and early to continue the set-up. We arranged tables, adjusted the layout, and unpacked decorations. After decorating the ceremony cite, we arranged the drink stations and lemonade stands. Mason jars with candles and baby’s breath scattered the property creating a rustic yet elegant atmosphere. At four pm, we changed into our famous “red coats” and finalized the table centerpieces  while making sure the wedding party was prepped and ready to walk down the aisle.

During the I Do’s 

Moments before the bride walked down the aisle, the staff gathered around the wedding party, making sure everyone was ready to go. As the bride emerged from the house in which she was getting ready, we admired just how beautiful she looked. She gracefully walked down the aisle with her father and we stood outside the ceremony cite, which was surrounded by bushes and flowers. For us, this is the best part of the day. Being witness to one of life’s biggest events is truly magical. After the bride and groom exchanged rings and walked back down the aisle, we stood by with water in hand to give them a small break before taking more wedding pictures.



After the I Do’s: The Reception 

After the Bridal party was finished taking pictures, cocktail hour was over, and it was time to get the party started.  Part of having a great reception is having a great DJ and Bill Carroll sure knows how to keep a party going. Before we knew it, it was time for our Bride and Groom to make their get-away. We had all of the guests lined up with sparklers in hand and Samantha and Jay made their way to their fabulous get-away truck to kick off their marriage.

Overall, this wedding was a blast. We loved being able to be a part of Samantha and Jay’s big day, and look forward to working our next wedding with Occasions by M&K!


Wedding photography courtesy of Winterberry Portraits








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