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By Emily Jordan

“I went into the meeting thinking, there is no way I am going to need a planner, I can do this by myself. Boy was I wrong. The day of my wedding, I can’t express in enough words how grateful and relieved I was that I had an awesome team of planners who were taking care of everything. I tell every engaged couple I meet, hire a planner, you won’t regret it.” -October 2014 Bride

I imagine the majority of brides out there feel as if they don’t need a planner for their wedding. You want it to be personal and you want to be in control of how everything plays out. I get it! So would I….BUT, I am here to tell you, you want to hire a planner. There are so many aspects of planning a wedding you don’t initially think about when you are newly engaged. It’s okay! I hope that by reading this blog it changes the way you feel about asking for help with the details of your special day. Because this is a brand new blog I want to take this time to introduce myself and the blog a little bit!

First things first, I want to tell you about the amazing business I work for. The fabulous Michelle Gillespie is the proud owner of Occasions by M&K, Event Planning. We work with an array of clients, from couples newly engaged to couples that are just a few months out from the big day. Occasions by M&K has a reputation for being “worth so much more than what we pay them”, and we are proud of this accomplishment. We started very small, only 3-4 weddings the first year. We were located 30 minutes outside of Fredericksburg in a small brick building where we were overrun with inventory. Now we are very excited to be in our new office located in Central Park, where we can walk through the door and not have to worry about knocking something over!

We worked hard to expand and really get our name out there and it has resulted to landing 12-13 weddings and other events the 2nd year, more the third and fourth years and we are continuing to grow!

Some of the Occasions By M&K Team
Some of the Occasions By M&K Team

Now I would like to tell you about myself so you can get to know me as I get to know you. My name is Emily and I am 19 years old. I have been working with Occasions by M&K for almost 4 years. I was extremely fortunate to be pulled into such a wonderful business. I work along side my mother, Kris, and my two younger sisters, Katie who is 17 years old, and Anna who is going to be 14 in March. I go to college in my hometown at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va. I originally went to school intending to graduate with a degree in Biology, but now I am pursuing a degree in Business and Marketing. I live with roommates who love wedding weekends (I am often the bearer of free leftover food, I mean we are poor college kids).

When working with event coordinators and decorators it really comes in handy that I’m artistic. Michelle always tells our brides “If you show her what you want, she can do it” which is mostly true, I haven’t run into anything that I was truly worried I wasn’t going to be able to create in time. However, I am flawed. I watch an excessive amount of Netflix.
I know I know I could be spending my time much better but it’s a problem that I am not ready to solve yet. I was overwhelmed when I heard back in November that Friends was coming to Netflix in the New Year. The moment I walk through my apartment doors after I am done with all my classes I turn it on. I don’t even pay attention to it half the time because I am doing homework (I am a productive person sometimes) but it is on.
I love my job and everything that comes with it. I started working with Michelle when I was 15 and I fell in love. I now have taken over our Facebook page, twitter account, and now our blog. I hope that I can change the initial look of hiring a planner and help you make your wedding day the best day ever. Now you may wonder what does someone so young know about planning a wedding? Surprisingly my knowledge grows with every event, and I’m glad because I don’t know everything about the planning process but Michelle and Kris, well you’ll need to see if for yourself.

Now that you know a little about me and my blog, I hope that you will continue to read and ASK QUESTIONS! I want to get to know you and what you are looking to get out of this blog. If you have a suggestion or something you really want a professional opinion on, ask it. Post it in the comments or if you don’t want to share your personal business with the world email it to me! Not only will I appreciate your interest and prompts for new posts but other viewers will be able to see your comments and hopefully share their opinion as well!

Make sure to check in next week for Bridal Shows: Are they really worth your time?

Please feel free to comment or shoot me an email! I would love to hear your feedback!!!

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