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8 Wedding Traditions You Don’t Need to Follow

Hi! We are Nicole and Kayleigh–interns with Occasions by M&K! We are rising college seniors and will graduate with degrees in English. We are going to be blogging for Occasions for a while–we’ll give you an insight into wedding and event planning along with our experiences and the tips and tricks we’ve picked up!


1. You Have to Wear White

Blush Wedding Dress

This tradition is slowly becoming less and less of a “must have.” Brides are turning towards alternative colors from white like creams, pale blues and blushes. If a white dress isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to break away from the traditional white and go with a hint of color! Or if you’re more adventurous, you can take a page from Christina Yang’s book from “Grey’s Anatomy” and go for a bolder color!

Christina Yang


2. You Have to Wear a Veil

Alternative to Veil

Veils, like white dresses, speak towards the traditional. If you don’t want to wear  a veil, why would you? Veils can be beautiful and if you want to wear one to honor the tradition–go for it! But if you’re not into that, there are so many different options out there today that makes it easy to say no to a veil! Try anything from flower crowns, to jewels, to headbands, and even your natural hair!



3. Bridesmaids Must Wear Traditional Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses have received quite the reputation over the years for being unflattering, or down right ugly. Instead of remembering questionable gowns immortalized in wedding photography, try for flattering and contemporary dresses. Perhaps allows bridesmaids to pick variations of a dress or use different colors to complement different complexions. This will leave the bridesmaids glowing, as well as create gorgeous photographs.

Nonmatching Bridesmaids


4. You Must Have a Traditional Bridal Party

Says who? It is traditional for women to be bridesmaids and men to be groomsmen, however, why have your brother stand with the groom, when he could stand up with you! Don’t be afraid to challenge traditional bridal party figures, if there are more bridesmaids (or men of honor) than groomsmen and vice versa! Don’t let titles stop you from asking your best friends to stand with you!



5. Children as Flower Girls/Ring Bearer

Instead of worrying about a crying flower girl, incorporate both the bride and groom’s grandmothers in the ceremony. This gives the grandmother a special job as well as create a priceless photo opportunity to remember the moment for years to come.



6. Reception Activities Must-Haves

bouquet toss

Who else cringes during the obligatory garter removal? Don’t feel pressured to stick with the traditional activities. Instead, other entertainment, such as photo booths and guessing games, will keep guests occupied when taking breaks from the dance floor.



7. Typical Venue


Church weddings are classic and timeless for a reason, yet feel free to think outside the chapel. Outdoor weddings are growing in popularity due to their unique locations and photo opportunities. Religious practices and efficients can also be incorporated into the venue, perhaps for a small travel fee.



8. Bigger is Always Better


The size of a wedding will not  dictate how much fun the guests have. Don’t be afraid to have a smaller, more intimate wedding. That way, each guest can have a personal photograph with the bride and groom as well as not feel lost in reception chaos.



But it’s your day! If you love these traditions and want to honor them on your big day–go for it! Or go ahead and make your own family wedding traditions to be passed on for generations!


Love, #OccasionsByMKInterns | Occasions by M&K LLC