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7 Mistakes Brides Make When Planning Outdoor Weddings


  1. Overdressing

A sweating bride is typically an unhappy one, so make sure to research your venue and the weather that time of year. If your destination wedding happens to be on a beach, make sure to pack appropriately (portable fans are a must!)

  1. Underdressing

On the other hand, a shivering bride isn’t having much fun either. Be conscious of climate when deciding on sleeve for your dress.

  1. Forgetting to prepare

Tents may be costly but are beneficial when gusts of wind crash your wedding ceremony. Talk to venue owners and your wedding planner to get pro-tips on how to beware for all weather has to offer.


  1. Bring it all

Sunscreen- Check!

Deodorant- Check!

Days before the ceremony, make a checklist with all items one could possibly need according to your outdoor venue. Place one of your bridesmaids in charge of the items so you’ll always be prepared.

  1. Water, water, water

Hydration is key to looking happy and glowing in wedding photos. The day will be hectic so schedule out time to take a two minute break and drink some water. Assign another one of your bridesmaids to drink duty to get the job done.

  1. Let there be light!

Outdoor venues can absolutely shine when the sun goes down; just remember to coordinate with your planner about the necessary lighting to keep the party going.


  1. You can’t control the weather (as much as you would like to!)

While rain on your wedding day may be good luck, no bride wants to get her white dress wet. Sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans for your big day and the best way to combat snow, ice, or rain is to roll with it. Hey, the extra good luck never hurts.


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