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5 Tips When Shopping for a Plus Size Wedding Gown

Skimming through wedding magazines and you see the same kind of girl. Smiling and glowing, of course, but blemish free with perfectly white teeth and an ample chest. No more than a size four, she stares back at you from the glossy pages, taunting you to look like her. Frustrated, you toss the magazine aside, wishing to yourself that your arms were more sculpted and your thighs just a little smaller. Hey, we have all been there! And with the stress of planning a wedding, naturally you may become extra critical of your body, but don’t let yourself believe that you aren’t perfection. Wedding dress shopping may bring up those negative thoughts, but remember this simple tips to make your time shopping enjoyable and well as help you find the perfect dress for the perfect bride (you!).



1.Remember the models in the magazines don’t even look like the models in the magazines. 

Hey, with some airbrushing, professional hair and make-up, and years of modeling experience, you would look just as gorgeous posing in that sweetheart gown. But when the shoot wraps and the make-up comes off, these women (while still beautiful) are no longer picture perfect. And that’s normal! Don’t let yourself compare your body to something that doesn’t exist.

2. Do your research.

Why waste your time going to dress shops that won’t accommodate your body? Before making appointment to try on dresses, take to the web to find local boutiques that carry plus sizes. Look at other plus size wedding blogs to get a feel for what will work best for your body.

3. Bring supportive people to the shop.

Leave that one friend who hates her body at home. When trying on wedding dresses, surround yourself with body positive people who will be honest, yet know the decision is solely up to you. You don’t need any negative energy hanging in the air when trying to find your dress.

4. Don’t settle. 

Just because the shop you’re in carries a limited selection of plus size gowns doesn’t mean that’s what you have to buy. Don’t love the mermaid bottom, that’s okay! Keep looking, be patient and the right dress will come to you.

5. Remember alterations can be made. 

Don’t love the lack of sleeves or the fit of the chest? Alterations exist to customize the gown to make it work for you. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, you can alter the dress to perfection.

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