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10 Benefits of Having a Seating Chart

When planning your wedding, one major stressor comes in the form of packing tables full of family and friends. Making a seating chart may seem complicated, or even antiquated; yet, the benefits of organizing your guests greatly outweigh the effort it takes to map out. Here are the top ten benefits of creating a seating chart:


  1. Avoid the family drama

You know those aunts that don’t speak because of a borrowed dress three years ago? Accidently seating them together will cause nothing but drama. Don’t run the risk that any unnecessary tension detracts from your big day. A seating chart ensures that all guests sitting with each other are on good terms, allowing everyone to enjoy the night without dodging glares from your aunts.


  1. Make your day stress free

With so much to remember, a seating chart allows you to focus on what’s important the day of. Hello…your hair and nails need special attention; don’t become distracted thinking about your guests rushing to find seating.


  1. A seating chart ensures your guests can see your special moments

Without a seating chart, some guest’s view may be blocked by others, making them miss your grand entrance. While your wedding photographer may be able to capture timeless moments like your first dance, your father’s touching speech, and cutting your beautiful cake, your wedding guests traveled share these moments with you. Plus, you’ll look gorgeous in your gown…your guests will want to admire!

weddign chart 5

  1. Full up your venue evenly

Without a chart, some tables will be crowded while others are barely touched. Plan out how many guests you would like at each table and avoid guests pulling up chairs to squish in to sit by their friends.


  1. Include Guest’s Plus Ones

With a seating chart, guests and their plus ones won’t feel isolated on the outskirts of the venue. Mixing plus ones into the seating chart allows for all in attendance to enjoy the event.


  1. Everyone will be served at the same time

After a long afternoon of traveling, a reception, and cocktail hour, guest’s may be ready to dig the wedding cuisine. A seating chart allows for the staff to serve guests quickly and efficiently. If any guests have dietary restrictions, a chart allows for the chef to deliver the food to the guest in a timely fashion.

wedding chart 3

  1. Make the reception comfortable for elderly guests 

A seating chart allows for you to control the venue without stressing on your day. If guests in attendance have any restrictions, a chart allows you take care of their needs. For instance, elderly guests may like to be seated farther away from the DJ table for comfortable hearing.


  1. Ensure family sits together 

With all of her help in preparing for your wedding, your mother needs the best view in the house for your first dance. Plan out your family’s tables to ensure you are able to mix and mingle with them during the reception.


  1. Help guests mingle and meet each other

A wedding is an amazing opportunity to network and meet new people. Create a seating chart with both your and his friends in mind. Who knows…you may be match-making for the next wedding.

wedding chart 1


  1. Minimizes overall chaos

Let’s be honest, a wedding can be pretty hectic. From running to take photos with the bridal party to remembering the order of the speeches, a seating chart frees you up to tackle problems that pop up, like a crying flower girl or an M.I.A. groomsman.


Tips for creating a seating chart:

Enlist the help of your M.O.H. and mother

Ask your wedding planner for the layout of the venue

Ask the venue on how the room is traditionally assigned

Remember the kids: A kid’s table will help adults and children alike enjoy the event.

Don’t pack the tables: Leave enough room for all guests to eat comfortably.

Try to intergrade guests with family and friends: perhaps think about skipping the singles table so all guests can feel included.

wedding chart 2







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