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Occasions By M&K Services

At Occasions By M&K we know how important it is to have an event planner you trust and feel comfortable with. With our headquarters being located in Fredericksburg, Virginia we specialize in being able to incorporate traditional styles with modern design to create an event that is uniquely you. 

We pay attention to the details so your event is executed exactly how you dreamed and even better than you could have ever imagined.

Our Passion – Our Focus

We have always loved watching an event come to life. From the initial planning and decoration design to seeing the smiling faces of the attendees. 

Whether the event you are planning is a wedding, a 50th anniversary party, a baby shower, or even a weekend barbecue, we take the time to get to know you personally and to know your vision for the special day. 

We are with you every step of the way so when it comes to the day of the event you can trust us to take care of the finest of details. The only thing you have to worry about the day of is arriving on time, not everything that is going on behind the scenes. 

We also take the time to ensure that guests never experience the hustle and bustle that goes on behind the scenes at an event. Instead, they should experience an event that leaves them happy and giddy because of how much they enjoyed their time. 

The relationship between you and your event planner and your event planning team is important! Our complimentary consultations are just the beginning of our journey together, we can’t wait to get to know you better and help you have the best event well…ever!

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Occasions by M & K believe there is a solution to every obstacle, and every obstacle is only a new opportunity!

Why hire a wedding planner?

Weddings are a big deal. And whether your wedding  is intimate  or huge, planning a wedding can knock the wind out of even the most savvy user of Pinterest and Instagram,  and the bride who has dreamt about their big day since childhood.

So enters your wedding planner, your superhero.  The person who will guide you through the whole process, and will give you all of the visionary credit! That’s right, your wedding planner does what you want, and takes the stress of doing the work off of you!  Why you ask would they do that?  Because they love all things wedding…WE….Occasions By M&K, want you to be a guest at your event.